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5Feb's Website Design Services Explained

We provide:
Informational Website Design
Ecommerce Website Design
Membership Driven Website Design

Informational websites pertain to websites that has primarily text content that is both informational, instructional to its viewers.

Ecommerce website design is anything that pertains to shopping cart, credit card processing and online payments.

Membership driven websites are websites that has a membership feature where visitors can create an account, assign a username and password and is able to login to view content specifically for members only.

This membership can be free or requires payment. Since you have the means to receive payment, you can also sell products to members and visitors, which is all part of the website package for membership driven websites.

Our website packages listed on our website are straightforward and requires very little explanation. Our pricing is based on the number of web pages you require.

For example: Home, About Us, Products/Services, FAQ, Contact Us plus Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer pages are provided to you for free! These are considered important pages so if you have these already, provide them to us for inclusion. This is our popular 5-page website package.

This 5-page website package I just mentioned would be considered a well-rounded website that is acceptable to most search engines, if not all.

The best way to determine the number of pages you require on your website is to type up your website content and see how many pages it is when printed. Remember, each heading is already considered a page. What you have to determine is how many pages is required under each heading.

Important: the more detail you provide about your products and/or services, the better. Don’t worry about how many numbers of pages you’re generating – worry more about whether you’ve explained it enough to your user, meaning, is it Dummy proof!

To get started:

  1.    Purchase the website package of your choice. Keep for future reference.
  2.    Send us your website content via email. Instructions will be on your receipt.
  3.    Send us any and all graphics, media files, links and documents via email or mail.
  4.    In a couple of days, we will then provide you a draft layout for your approval.
  5.    We modify the website per your requirements
  6.    Review and approve
  7.    Launch the website!

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